Me With Music

I see notes in colour.

Major Chords

A major = Turquoise

B flat major = Brown

B major = Red

C major = White

D flat major = Purple

D major = Blue

E flat major = Brown

E major = Orange

F major = White

G flat major = Brownish purple

G major = Pink

A flat major = Dark red

Minor Chords

A minor = Light green

B flat minor = Brownish red

B minor = Blue

C minor = Greenish orange

D flat minor = Orange

D minor = Yellow

E flat minor = Brownish orange

E minor = Light blue

F minor

G flat minor

G minor = Green

A flat minor = Red

But it all depends what colour they are on some days because they don’t always stay the same.

Me With Directions

Some of the time I can tell which is north, south, east or west.

In most areas of Colchester where I live, I feel that the directions are right but when we start to go up the old Ipswich Road, they change and north starts to feel like east, east starts to feel like south, south starts to feel like west and west starts to feel like north and it doesn’t go back to normal until we come back to the beginning of the old Ipswich Road from where we started.

When I was at school in the car park the directions felt right but as soon as I went into the playground they changed and north felt like west, east felt like north, south felt like east and west felt like south.

When I’m at my Nan’s house in London I know which are which but they feel different. North feels like west, east feels like north, south feels like east and west feels like south. But when I go down the road eastwards, when I come to the Tesco shopping centre at the crossroad it feels right. But when I go northwards towards Iceland, North starts to feel like west again, east starts to feel like north again, south starts to feel like east again and west starts to feel like south again and when were going westwards towards Lea Bridge Road it feels like we’re going southwards and it doesn’t change and when we are at the crossroads at the Tesco shopping centre and the directions feel right and as we go southwards it doesn’t change.

Tapes In A Tape Recorder

When I was playing a tape on my tape recorder I imagined I was on a road and when I was playing the tape on side A, I felt I was going north on it and when I came to the end of side A and I turned the tape over to side B, I felt that the road was doing a U turn on the left and when I was playing the tape on side B, I felt I was going south on the road. Tapes and tape recorders are now obsolete.

Walking Alongside Canals

When my Granddad and I started to go for walks along the canal we started doing it from Lea Bridge Road and we walked along the canal northwards even though to me it felt like we were walking westwards and we walked to different car parks along side the canal and we walked further from them when we parked at them and when we got as far as Ponders End Lock outside the north of London it started to feel like we were walking northwards. When we started to walk the other direction from Lea Bridge Road I knew we were walking southwards even though it felt like we were walking eastwards and we walked as far as the end of the canal at Bow Locks but not all in one walk and in all of that distance the direction never changed for me. About half way between Bow Locks and Lea Bridge Road there was another canal joining onto it at a junction and we started doing walks along that and we were walking westwards even though it felt like we were walking southwards and that canal is only about one and a half miles long and it joins onto another canal at another junction. On the 30th May 2001 on my 14th birthday my Granddad and I walked along that canal in the evening and we were walking southwards even though it felt like eastwards and we walked down to the Limehouse Basin and the directions never changed for me on that route either. Later in the year when we started going in the other direction we were walking northwards even though it felt like we were walking westwards and the canal turned west into the city and the direction started to feel correct because it still felt like we were walking westwards. We walked as far as near the London Zoo and we never walked any further.

Me With Numbers

I see numbers in directions and apparently it had changed for the first time in many years as of 2011. I do know what it was beforehand but I would prefer to get used to the new way of it.

0 - 10 = South

11 - 20 = West

21 - 30 = South

31 - 40 = South West

41 - 50 = South

51 - 60 = South West

61 - 70 = South

71 - 80 = South West

81 - 90 = South

91 - 100 = South West

Exactly the same directions as above are repeated from 100 - 200, from 200 - 300, from 300 - 400 and so on.