Part 1

As a child I used to watch a programme called Get Your Own Back. It was hosted by a man called Dave Benson Phillips. In the show they got these kids on who wanted to get their own back on a family member who had done something to annoy them and they told the story about what the family member had done and they brought on the family member and the audience booed that family member. At the end of the show they covered the family member in gunge. I could watch clips of it on YouTube but I’m not that interested in watching it again.

Initially I liked it because the gunge pool had writing on it and I was fascinated by what it would look like after the family member went in it although the design probably didn’t look so fascinating afterwards. I also used to pretend that they had different characters from children’s programmes such as The Blobs, Lavender Castle and Dino Babies as designs on the gunge tank, one for each episode. I now know that if they tried that, they would have had an awful lot of trouble getting it absolutely right.

Part 2

I used to like going to the pictures. I remember seeing Chicken Run, at the pictures when I was 13 in July 2000 with my class on our trip to Letton Hall and I liked it so much that over the rest of 2000 I saw it 4 times in total. The following year I saw Shrek 1, and I enjoyed it so much that over the Summer of 2001 I saw it 6 times in total. My next favourite film was Finding Nemo, in 2003, which I saw 3 times. I first saw it on the 12th of October 2003, then again at my Nan’s house in the same month but I don’t remember the date, and again in December 2003. On 15th July 2004, we went to see Shrek 2, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed ‘Shrek 1’ as sequels are never as good for me. When we were going up the escalator in the cinema I saw a reference on the wall of an animated film which was Shark Tale, and it looked very good indeed. Before seeing ‘Shrek 2’, we saw a trailer for the film ‘Shark Tale’, and my mood stayed high during the day. We saw the film on the 17th of October 2004 and I saw it again with my Nan and Granddad in the same month but I don’t remember the date when I saw it for the second time and this time I felt like twice was enough times to see the same film. The last time I went to the pictures was on the 8th of July 2008, and the film I saw there on that day was Kung Fu Panda, but I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I fell out of love with going to the pictures is because I used to love keeping count of how many films I was seeing at the pictures and the order of films in numbers I saw, and there was a sense of fantastic excitement about that because I just knew that I was hearing about all these brand new films completely fresh, and that was a very exciting feeling. Well anyway, for a few years, I kept going to the pictures with my Mum and her boyfriend and seeing films at the pictures that I didn’t really want to see, and that really demoralised the importance in my life of going to the pictures.

Part 3

Another thing I used to be interested in is making up my own version of the world and making up my own stories for it, but they were private stories in my life, and they featured storylines that were stolen from other stories. It came directly from being about 10 years old and making up an episode of The Blobs that featured a bit stolen from an episode of Huxley Pig where Huxley the pig had a bun, and he gave Horace the rodent a bun, and Horace said, “Huxley, there’s a squashed fly on mine” and Huxley said, “Well I’ll exchange it for a current then”. Anyway, I made up this episode of ‘The Blobs’ with exactly that from the episode of ‘Huxley Pig’ with Puppy Purple saying exactly what Horace the rodent said, and Fizzy Orange saying exactly what Huxley the pig said. I now know that it would be a form of plagiarism if I pretended that that was my own idea, unless it was for private use.

Part 4

In late 1998 when I was 11, I developed an interest for making up people with heads of cartoon characters on them, only at the time it was with male ones, and Sonic The Hedgehog was one of them. It came from watching an episode of Chris Evans TFI Friday and seeing dancers on stage wearing puppets on their heads, only I hadn’t realised at the time that they were puppets of members of the rock band U2. A year later in late 1999 when I was 12, I started doing it with female ones as well. In 2006, I got round to realising that they were puppets of the band U2 after watching the video of the U2 song Sweetest Thing. making up people with heads of cartoon characters on them had been a part of my life for several years, until 2007 when I was 20, I got out of it because I realised that it wouldn’t actually work because they wouldn’t have been proper human beings, and that they were wearing false heads, and it would be too surreal for me now if people had false heads on them unless it was for a fancy dress party.