This section and the next are about the things I can’t cope with. It was all one section, but I divided it into two sections because I felt it was getting quite long.

Films That Put Me Off

I really dislike films where someone has been arrested for a crime that they didn’t commit and ones where a young couple are seeing each other and the girl’s Mum or Dad is not happy with her about it and that they don’t like the man she is seeing and that she’s locked in her room for it and also ones where a man’s girlfriend is being kidnapped and he’s on a mission to save her and people think he’s the villain. I also don’t like films where a woman is interested in a man just because he’s rich.

Bits Of Films That Put Me Off

I dislike the bit where in the first Toy Story film where Woody is in the moving van and a dog named Scott has got Buzz and Woody gets the toy racing car out and gets it out of the van to try and get Buzz back and the toys are horrified and thinking that he was at it again so they throw him off for that because earlier on in the film, he accidentally knocked Buzz out of the window in the old house.

I also hate the bit where in ‘101 Dalmatians’ the two dogs are taken for a walk in the park and Pongo gives word to the Great Dane that their 15 puppies have been stolen and Roger says, “Quiet boy!” and soon both dogs run away to find them and near the end of the film Roger says that he can’t understand why they did run away. It’s misunderstandings like that in films, which I detest but I do understand that’s what makes them interesting.

I actually don’t go to the pictures anymore because I am no longer interested in films, as a lot of films these days are about as much importance to me as a chocolate ash tray on a motorbike which is why I have no desire to ever go again, and in fact I’m not into watching films anymore, to the point where I am now aiming to avoid every single reference to every single new film that is about to hit the cinemas, such as film references on bus stops and on the sides of buses, and film trailers on the telly.

The Kind Of Television I Don’t Like

The programmes Emmerdale, Eastenders and Coronation Street absolutely drive me insane, and I’m trying to avoid every single reference to them and what’s going on in them because they’re driving me that mad, especially the most down sides about them like court cases not working out, relationships collapsing, victims being kidnapped and tied to chairs and gagged, the mother of father of a teenage girl finding his or her daughter in the living room with a male adult and that they’re embarking on a relationship, people dying, couples breaking up, innocent people being accused of something they didn’t do and being sent to prison, people getting dumped, love triangles, wedding fiascoes, parents forbidding their daughters from seeing their boyfriends, things like that. I get very stressed if I come across a reference to any of those programmes even though I know the idea is not to care because they’re only photographs and they can’t hurt me.

Valentine’s Day is the day I’m trying to avoid the soaps most because of the tragic love stories and love triangles and relationship break ups, which always seem to feature on that day. This means I get anxious towards Valentine’s Day. Although I don’t like the storylines in the soaps I don’t dislike the actors in them. I don’t like it when the woman is mad at the man but I very much understand that it’s only acting. I can fully appreciate people watching them because they like them but they’re not for me.

In late 2009, I came across a reference to Eastenders in the Radio Times mentioning something about a row in the Jackson household leading to a revelation and I got instantly stressed and it led to me having a major outburst in my bedroom. Thankfully my Mum was out shopping at the time. Apparently she doesn’t buy or order the Radio Times anymore, and she never watches the soaps anyway.

Whenever I walk into a Co-op or Newsagents, I always have to be careful that I don’t accidentally look at the soap magazines in the section where they sell magazines, so that I don’t automatically memorise the references that are on the front of them. At least I do manage to succeed at that the vast majority of the time.

Other Things That I Don’t Like

Part 1

I don’t like coming across children being naughty and the parent is telling the child off but I don’t want people thinking that I’m blaming the parent for that especially because it’s supposed to have nothing to do with me. It’s just that when I’m out I worry in case I hear someone shout as it bothers me which is why I don’t go out very often even though I know walking is very good exercise. What I would never do though is get involved because I know I’d be doing the right thing if I mind my own business which is what you’re supposed to do, however I do like coming across children having fun and being well behaved.

Also, I don’t believe in straight competition. I actually feel that it should be eradicated from the world completely so that children and adults can relax better. I would be well pleased if that happened but whether it will happen or not I don’t know. I’m also particularly fed up with the same old “I don’t care who started it, I’m finishing it!” I wouldn’t blame the adult for saying it, but I would prefer it if it died out completely.

Part 2

I really can’t stand it if children get upset over losing at Snakes & Ladders or any other board game for that matter. When I was living in one of my old houses in the 1990s, at one time I was playing Snakes & Ladders with my Mum and I lost and I got really upset, after which I went to bed early. I think it came directly from being a young toddler and watching a ‘Learn With Sooty’ video called ‘Have Fun With Numbers’ in the days of VHS where Sooty, Sweep and Soo were playing a homemade game with Matthew Corbett. In the game, each player had ten circles each; Sue had orange circles, Sweep had yellow circles and Sooty had pink circles, and they had to roll a dice, and move up the number of places via the number of dots that the dice showed. At the end of the game, the winner won a chocolate biscuit, as a result, Soo won the game, but in various positions there were a couple of black circles, and if the player rolled a number that made them land on a black circle, they had to go back from the amount that they went forward. Well anyway, on one of Sweep’s goes, he was on number 3, and he rolled a 1, which made him land on circle number 4 which was a black circle, so he moved back to circle number 3, and Soo said “Oh hard luck Sweep” and Sweep put his head on the table and Matthew said “I’m sorry Sweep, that’s just the game though, that’s the game”.

I now know that getting upset over losing at Snakes and Ladders, or any other board game for that matter is completely unnecessary, which is why I now wish I hadn’t got upset over losing at that game of Snakes & Ladders that I was playing with my Mum, even though I know it’s not something to worry about now, as it’s now getting on for twenty years ago since then. I have forgiven myself for it, but at the same time I regret it to the point where I really don’t like it if a child gets upset over losing in a board game, and the fact that in a board game, somebody has to lose at it.

Part 3

I also don’t like it if on a child’s birthday or at Christmas time, that child got upset over having no paper to draw on, then being given some paper to draw on, and then family members coming over to his house and giving them paper as a present to draw on. I came across a case of that at Christmas time in 1996 when I was nine, though thankfully it didn’t use to bother me so much then, though I still wasn’t keen on it happening.

It would really disturb me if this sort of thing was to still happen in the world to this day, on account of the family members not knowing anything about the child getting upset over having no paper to draw on and then being given some before giving him or her some. I would never be like that under such circumstances myself.

Part 4

I find the subject matter of farting seriously embarrassing to the point where I feel that if I don’t find it funny, nobody else should, even though I know it’s just a bodily function. If I was to do a fart, I would aim for it to be a quiet one to be done in privacy every single time.

Also, there are a couple of songs that I don’t like listen to anymore because I was with a family member who did a fart at the point where I was hearing the songs being played on a music show in December 2012 and November 2013 respectively, even though it wasn’t done deliberately, and I’m far from blaming that person for it because it wasn’t done on purpose as I say. I won’t mention that person’s name so that he or she won’t be embarrassed about this one, but below are the two songs that I can’t listen to anymore for that matter, and again, I’ve given them Wikipedia links instead of YouTube links so that I can’t listen to either of them on YouTube via this website. People can also find out more about the group by clicking on their names that are highlighted in blue.

Slade - Gudbuy T’Jane

Chic - Le Freak

Part 6

I also don’t like certain television adverts, and I aim to avoid the ones that I find annoying, and I do everything I can to do so. If I come across an advert on the telly that I don’t like or find annoying, I memorise it without wanting to which can cause stress for me. There will be more information in the next section on this website called ‘My Problems’ about me remembering things that I don’t want to remember.

They now sometimes play adverts on YouTube before the video that you choose to watch starts, which makes it difficult for me because I don’t know if it will be one that I find okay or one that I find annoying, though I know they don’t do it to make it difficult for anyone whatsoever, I mean it’s not a problem if you can skip the advert which you can’t always do, but I do choose to skip it if I can.

At least I know that not all adverts are annoying. In June 2014 I was about to watch a video on YouTube though I can’t remember what it was, and I came across an advert that I thought was okay, I mean I was being careful as I always am under such circumstances, and it was an advert for a CD that came out in 2014 called Yacht Rock, and I thought it looked good, so I thought I’d better order it for myself, and that’s what I did. I ordered it on Amazon on Wednesday the 11th of June 2014, and it came in the post two days later on Friday the 13th of June 2014. The CD contains 60 songs, and it consists of three discs, so each disc contains 20 songs. I know this is on a slightly different subject to me talking about my dislike for certain adverts, but as you can see, there is a green underlined Amazon link to the CD above saying Yacht Rock as well as here, and they’re there for anyone who wants to order it on Amazon via this page on my website if they want to, though it consists of smooth rock classics from the 1970s and 1980s.

Part 7


I used to like watching a programme called Little Britain. I no longer like it because the programme’s run features scenes where one of the characters called Andy Pipkin wants something that is different to something that Lou Todd thinks he would like, and that he doesn’t think that Andy would like the thing that he has chosen, but he chooses it anyway, and in the end, Andy says that he doesn’t like it and that he wants the thing that Lou Todd thinks that he would like. No offence at all to the stars of the programme David Walliams and Matt Lucas, it’s just that I didn’t know what to expect from that programme.

I actually dislike the programme even more than I did in the near past because at one time I was talking to my Mum, and I said to her that I don’t like it when someone likes going to a place where he sees someone who works there and he knows that person, and that they are not happy when they come across a new person who works there and they don’t like them because they like the other person better, and that is something I can’t tolerate because I would never be like that, and my Mum said to me that Andy Pipkin from Little Britain would be like that, and that’s what made me dislike that programme even more. Also, if ever I visit a favourite place of mine with a support worker, and there’s new people working there, it would make me think about Andy Pipkin getting upset under such circumstances, and that I never would, and wouldn’t like it if anyone took it that I would. I even feel like the more I talk to my Mum about people behaving in ways that I wouldn’t, and that she says that Andy Pipkin would, the more I dislike the programme, though I wonder if there is actually a limit to how much I can dislike it. I don’t have a problem with other people liking it and enjoying it.


Back to the subject of Little Britain, I really don’t like the bit at the beginning of the first of two episodes of ‘Little Britain Abroad’ where Lou says to Andy about the nice people at the church and Andy says, “I don’t like them”, and Lou says, “Well, they like you because they organised a bring and buy sale especially for you, “And Andy shrugs his shoulders as if to say he doesn’t care, and Lou says that they’ve raised enough money for a trip to Disney world for them, and Andy says, “Can I just have the money” and Lou says, “So we’d better get your bags packed because Andy, we are getting on a plane this afternoon”, and Andy says, “We’ll miss Bargain Hunt”. I did watch Little Britain Abroad when it was first on in late 2006, and I didn’t know what to expect from it.

Part 8

I am aiming to completely avoid all new references to all new stories about what’s been happening in the news because the kind of things that do happen in the news are not what I would create in my own head because many of my ideas exist in fantasy rather than reality, which is why I can’t face certain realities for that matter. I also can’t go into whichever room my Mum is in when she’s watching the news for that same reason.

I’m even weary of walking into shops that sell newspapers and also of walking into places that have them. It’s not that I don’t care about what happens in the news; it’s just that the things that they talk about on the news get me down, and once I come across a negative news reference, I memorise it without wanting to, even though I know that as time goes on, some stories are soon over and done with.

I know this is the world that we live in, but once again the bad things that happen in reality are just not a consensus to what I would make up in my own head or in my own reality, which is why I am trying to distance myself away from it all. If there are things that happen in the world that I wouldn’t make up in my own fantasy, examples include people’s heaters breaking down and people getting heavy colds and people dying of cancer or any lethal disease for that matter. I’m an escapist and I like it, though the parts of reality I do like are me being in the car with someone for a drive, and me giving out my website cards to appropriate customers in cafes.

Also, programmes I don’t watch anymore include Mock The Week, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, and Have I Got News For You because they talk about stuff that happens in the world even though I know that they do it in a humorous way. Even though I like Stand-up Comedy, I’ve stopped watching Live At The Apollo because they sometimes talk about new stuff going on in the world. In fact, as of the close of 2014, I’m now trying to avoid as much television as I possibly can such as programmes about current affairs because they talk about stuff that I wouldn’t make up in my own head for my fantasy. I’m also trying to avoid new dramas and new series of dramas that have been on because again, the things that happen in dramas are not a part of how I want to have my own fantasy.

Part 9

I ordered for myself on Amazon Dinnerladies - Series 1 & 2 Complete on DVD in late 2013. Dinnerladies is a comedy programme. I do like it, but there is one episode I cannot stand, and that is ‘Moods’ which is the fourth episode in the first series because for about the first ten minutes of that episode, a lot of the characters are p***ed off for various reasons. I didn’t know what to expect from that episode when I first saw it.

I know not to watch that episode, and I can watch and enjoy other episodes of that programme. There is a green Amazon link to the DVD in the previous paragraph for anyone who reads this bit on my website and wants to click on it and order it, especially if you are fans of the programme, though I know it’s now a part of history.

Part 10

There are certain nursery rhymes I don’t like at all, but the one I most cannot stand is ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window’. I apologise to anyone who is reading this bit and likes that nursery rhyme.

On Friday the 6th of November 2015, a friend of my Mum’s joined us for our food from the chip shop; I had sausage and chips while my Mum and her friend had their own food. While we were eating our food, we watched an episode of Only Fools and Horses on DVD, and it was series 2 episode 7, and I accidentally came across the character Del boy singing a bit of ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window’. Now, I haven’t actually heard that nursery rhyme being sung by anyone for nearly twenty years previously, and I previously last heard the music of it being played in the Wallace and Gromit film, The Wrong Trousers back in 1996. That was when I got the video for my 9th birthday when I was first at my Nan and Granddad’s house for my birthday. It was also before we had DVD players. In the ‘Wallace and Gromit’ films, Gromit the dog has no mouth and remains silent, not that he so much has the right to remain silent obviously, and he hasn’t so much been in trouble with the police, apart from in the film A Close Shave, the first film to feature Shaun The Sheep.

Well anyway, on Friday the 6th of November 2015 when I came across that bit in the episode of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ that we watched, I said, “I hate that nursery rhyme, it’s s***e” and my Mum’s boyfriend said, “You can say that again”. I went upstairs, and I watched a clip on YouTube of the Pet Shop Boys’ version of ‘Always On My Mind’ because I knew it would take my mind off the nursery rhyme mentioned above, and I feel it’s more enjoyable to listen to than the original version. Anyone can listen to it on YouTube just by simply clicking on the red link saying Pet Shop Boys “Always On My Mind” (new edit) HD if they want to.